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Welcome To The Bitchery

So mrchien is going in today for a very awkward medical procedure for a very awkward reason (hint, we want a kid) so yeah he's been very whiny since he got home from work last night. We're hoping we can figure out why things are they way they are. In the meantime, i'm trying to be sympathetic, but as a woman, it's hard. Um hello we're supposed to have an awkward exam on the regular and if i get pregnant there's going to be all sorts of people all up in my bizness! But i'm trying?

So what are your tales of awkward medical procedures? Feel free to share, they may just cheer mrchien up!


UPDATE: Thanks for your stories, they did make Mrchien feel better. We got the results back and they're inconclusive. Also i had to pop a vein to give blood and got a flu shot. So we're both kinda cranky. I took mrchien to all you can eat sushi to make him feel better and now we're home watching bad tv movies (kindergarten cop) and i'll try to respond to those who shared in the comments!

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