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Awkward Moment at the African Heritage Month Assembly

So today was the African Hertiage Month Assembly, at my school, and I fouund something that happened a bit odd.

There was a dance routine performed to the song from Selma. At the end, a kid held up a sign that said “#AllLivesMatter”. Which just had me going “What?”

The largest population in our school is Afro Canadian by way of the Carribean, followed by South Asians, with a mix of various other groups.


On the one hand, I could kind of see that the teacher who choreographed the dance wouldn’t want to exclude non black kids with a “#BlackLivesMatter” (and the format really didn’t lend itself to a lecture on the meaning of BLM) but surely they could have found a slogan to use that hasn’t been tied to whiney white people?

I looked around the gym and thought a few other staff looked a bit perturbed by it.

What made things seem even odder to me is that the dance team is run by a black teacher.

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