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Awkward Moments with LizzHaa

So that was awkward. I took a half day on Friday to go get my hair did by a good friend for my maternity photos later that night. She finished up my hair around 2:30 and our photos weren't until 5:30. So I was a little nervous about not screwing up my hair in the meantime. I got home and the air hadn't kicked on in the house yet and it was 95 degrees out so it was freaking hot in the house! Plus I was hungry so I did what anyone would do in my situation. Cranked the air, popped open an ice cold can of Coke and stripped down to my underwear. So I'm sitting on the couch, almost 32 weeks pregnant, eating Cheetos and flipping through my DVR to pass time when the doorbell rings... What the fuck.

Now the way my house is set up is the living space is all on the first floor with the bedrooms up on the second. You have to go right past the front door to get up the stairs. So I'm stuck having to run upstairs for some clothing and all our throws are in the washing machine being de-cat haired. I have no other choice unless I want to try to use dish towels to cover me. So I slowly walk down the hall, hoping to minimize the amount of time whoever is out there is going to see me. When the doorbell rings again and the Fedex guy peers in the side widow. He definitely sees me in all my glory so I say fuck it and make a dash upstairs, pull on a t-shirt (carefully; can't mess up the hair) and some shorts. I play it as cool as I can but I blush super easily. For his credit he didn't say anything either and just kind of gave me a smile. It wasn't creepy and actually (in a weird way) made me feel kind of good about myself. But yeah I sort of yelled at Mr. Haa for not warning me a Fedex guy would be delivering him some computer stuff. Here is a gif to convey how awkward this made me feel.


Anyone have any awkward stories to share?

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