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Every year, my parents and I exchange presents. This year, I would like to stop.

I don't really enjoy buying them gifts, to be honest. My mother is in charge of the gift-buying and she refuses to use my wishlist and openly rejects any requests I make. Seriously, when I told her to use my wishlist, she called everything I wanted "boring and stupid."



99% of what she has bought me has gotten tossed. They're usually cheap versions of what I wanted, like a cheap martini shaker from Kohls that broke within a month, or an ice bucket that wasn't actually insulated and didn't match the decor of my house at all.

She believes in quantity over quality, so it's not like she's poor and has to buy the cheaper things. She just wants to buy a LOT of things for the budget, so rather than get me one thing I would use for years, she buys me it's bargain bin cousin.

They, on the other hand, LOVE what I get them. They use the shit out of the stuff I buy. This has caused a problem because the last time I said I just wanted to shop for the kids, my mother flipped for that very reason: They like getting stuff from me.


But I hate shopping for them. I hate getting crap stuff in return. I can't use those as excuses, though, so I'm brainstorming other reasons. We're trying to save money. I'm short on time. I've decided to join the war on Christmas.

Has anyone else ever done this? Is there a nice way to phrase it that gets around the "but we love exchanging and we can set a budget!" excuses?

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