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You know when you have some minor complaint that's not even worth bringing up, or not even a legitimate complaint, but it starts adding up until you're super annoyed? May I please vent to you, GT? Also, before anyone comes in looking for a fight, yes, I know these are silly things. That's why I'm not bringing them up and I'm just waiting for my feelings of annoyance to blow over, because they're at least 75% because I'm just stressed out anyways. Here are my super minor complaints about my otherwise great roommate:

-I think she's drinking my smart waters. I bought a bunch of them at costco, because I like having the huge bottles to keep around my office/bring to workouts/etc. I though they would last forever because I usually just refill them for a while and then take a new one as needed. But they are disappearing much faster than I expected. I did put them in a semi-public place, so maybe she thought that they were for everyone, but she leaves things like alcohol/mixers in that space all the time and I don't take them. I wouldn't even mind if she asked, but now it's just so awkward. I passive-aggressively moved them all to my room tonight.

-I also think she accidentally threw away the stamps I've been saving from Albertson's to win some cuisinart


-we have tandem parking, which hasn't been a huge issue in the past, because one of us would usually find street parking, but I'm too paranoid to park my brand new car on the street, or let anyone else drive it, and I swear she's been parking on the street less, maybe because she got used to me not having a functioning car for a long time? So anyways, it means I've been moving so many cars because if she gets there first, I have to switch out both cars so she can get out at any point, and then when I need to leave I usually need to move her car first.

- I think she keeps waiting for me to be the one to run the dishwasher. I'm not 100% sure, but I feel like I've been running it a lot, and I'm like girl, it's so easy, I know you know how to do it, just take the three seconds necessary to run it.

- this is 100% not her fault, but good god, sometimes I'm jealous that she has a normal office job, and gets to come home and cook and veg and hang out with her friends, and I'm like "lololol, what's free time?"

Anyways, I feel like this is super petty, but I just needed to get it out of my system so I don't take it out on my, again, normally awesome, roommate.


In less petty stuff, the weirdest thing happened to me today! I was sitting outside the Constable's apartment, when this guy walks by whom I pay no attention to, until I realize it's a guy I went to high school with! We went to high school halfway across the country, and while this is LA, I wasn't exactly out and about, the neighborhood the Constable and I live in is super residential, and not exactly a place where you run into people, so it was super weird. I hadn't seen him in 5 years - we weren't particularly close in high school, but we ran in the same circles. I was shocked to find out that he's married - we're pretty young and while a lot of people from our high school got married this summer, I hadn't heard of anyone in the circle I used to hang out with getting married. They were generally the alternative theater/newspaper/speech team kids and unlike most Minnesota suburban high schoolers, they didn't all stay in Minnesota and get married to their high school sweethearts. But anyways, that was a cool "small world" experience.

Also, tonight was mine and the Constable's two year anniversary. He's super sick so we stayed in and are Thai food and watched Fruitvale Station, but it was very chill and us and I was really happy. He's kind of adorable, you guys.


In summary, Dear GT, thanks for being my diary sometimes.

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