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All in caps, because I feel really awkward right now. And this is the most hilariously awkward post, wow. I sound like I'm going on a first date or something? AH.

So, there's this girl. I have a friend crush on her. I think she is incredibly cool, and I am kind of awkward, but we have things in common and chat when we run into each other at school sometimes, and once I volunteered for her volunteer thing, so we hung out a bit. She seemed to like me! No idea why - when I say 'cool' I mean that I think she seems like a neat person, but she's also very good at being, you know, social. I can be sometimes, but in this situation, when I want someone to like me, I'm kind of (very) awkward.

I've been in a new city since September, and have made a couple of very good friends, but one just moved to India, and the other goes on vacations every month. So, I would like to make friends with this person I admire!


Last week, she sent me a Facebook message asking if I'd mind looking after her cats while she went away. (We bonded over talking about our cats before, and we both post photos of our cats all the time on Facebook, hah.) Of course I had no problem with that, and was flattered that she thought of me (and trusted me), and thought, yes! Maybe we are friends! She was only gone for 48 hours, and I visited her cats 3 times and sent her some photos. It was fun, they were cute, it was close to my house, no big deal.

She picked up her keys when she got back, and offered to take me out to dinner to thank me for looking after her cats. I said yes, of course, cause friends!

But I don't really want her to pay for me. I don't know why. I feel like maybe she was just offering to be nice? And I said yes because it would be fun to hang out, and she must think so too, or she would've just given me a gift certificate if she felt the need to pay me back. BUT I wouldn't have accepted actual money or a GC for a couple of ten minute walks and some cat cuddling, you know?

So... do I let her pay because she offered? At the door, I was kind of flustered (seriously, it sounds like a date, doesn't it?) and said "yes, for sure, we should do that!! You don't have to pay for me though, of course." and she kind of laughed at me and left. So I offer to pay for myself, right? Do I remind her before we go that I'm paying for myself?


I really don't know why I am so worried about it, but I think having an idea of what would be polite (I don't want to be rude and turn down a nice offer meant genuinely) will help me going into this, since I get flustered and awkward and don't really think before I talk sometimes. I think if we have this legitimate hang out session I will be able to calm down and be more like myself!

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