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Many moons ago when I had dreams of being a fashion designer I interned at ​FredFlare.com. ​Sadly they are going out of business and will be turning off their internet lights on Nov. 21st. So, they're having a going out business sale. If you're into things like ​knit turkey hats or ​Crayola mini nail polishes you should check them out before they're gone!

I interned at FredFlare the summer before my senior year of college. I did product development stuff—so I sourced appliques to go on mittens, charms to go on necklaces, buckles to create belts. All of that good stuff. It was a really great experience for me. One of the few places that interned that I didn't care that I wasn't getting paid. Creativity and inquisitiveness was valued.

I came to work wearing these one day.

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I had made them on a day off—while watching Starting Over (BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME) probably. When I came into work wearing them, my supervisor, Amy told everyone about them, included the the owners. She had them come over and check them out. On the spot, one of the owners (I think Keith) asked if I wanted to sell them on the website. I WAS THRILLED. It was probably the happiest day of my entire year. Amy helped me figure out costs, markups, and how to invoice. The shoes sold out twice. It was awesome. I remember Googling them and finding a link for them from a Korean website and as far as I could get with the translation, I know the word "cute" was in there. I felt super famous!

This is the second time this year that a place I've interned back when I thought I was going to make it in fashion has packed up shop. I interned at What Not to Wear in the wardrobe department after I graduated and they aired their series finale a handful of weeks ago. It was hard to watch because it was watching a part of my life that I was excited about, ending. It's like getting further and further away from dreams that you had and realizing things that thought you were going to do never get done.

I'm not that old...but I feel old and like it's too late to try and do anything or find something to do that would make me feel hopeful again. It might just be a rut that I'm in that I'll eventually get out of. I think we've all been there—and if you haven't, who are you and what are your secrets?!

To end on a lighter note that is not so "womp womp", go look at cute things on sale and this gif that has nothing to do with anything.


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