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Awww i'm no longer a newlywed ;(

Well mrchien and I have made it a year! And i finally finished sending out the thank you notes and in some cases, announcements. We rushed getting married because i really needed surgery and he had decent health insurance. Romantic no? ;) But while I do wish we had the pretty pictures, I don't regret cancelling the reception that was planned for this weekend. And looking back, we had a really relaxed marriage ceremony and party after. No stress and no mess to clean up after!! So from here on out, my advice will be to elope or see a justice of the peace, just sayin ;)

Random question: Is it bad that i changed the date on our registries so people can get us christmas gifts off them? We just sent out the big announcement, so a lot of folks didn't know until yesterday. (long story, but adhd is a pain) Or am i being greedy, since we barely got anything off them in the first place?

So now we're in the Bay Area, enjoying our upgrade to a spa tub (yay!!) and getting ready to meet up with some close friends and get our grub on :) Sorry fellow Jezzies, i was gonna try to meet up, but mrchien asked me to keep this weekend mainly for us, but we'll be back over the holidays, so perhaps then! :D


So how did some of you celebrate getting through your first year of marriage? Or any other getting married tales to tell? Lemme hear'em! :D

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