So, I'm hanging out with my sick kiddo (the 9 year old), watching TV, cuddled up on the couch, and the doorbell rings. grumblesigh I dig myself out from under the blankets, open the door, and the mailman hands me a big envelope and a box!

My son is all excited and immediately starts tugging at the box. He gets it open, and inside... there are gluten free bread sticks and bottles of Thai sweet chili sauce! Yay! Thank you!

The first thing he said was, "Can I dip the bread sticks in the chili sauce?" So, that is what he's doing right now. He is dipping gf bread sticks in Thai chili sauce :)

The envelope contained a bag of almond flour, which I got excited about, because I love adding that to gf baked goods. And pancakes. Especially pancakes. Thank you! My oatmeal bars will have a much better texture again!

Thank you so much!