Hooray! So after the 11 cent raise I started looking for a new job. I submitted my resume to one place and interviewed there last week. I think it went ok, but not sure. I had come to realize that if I am going to get paid garbage, I might as well go somewhere fun or get a discount I can use..or even just be in a field I may be interested in pursuing. So. Last Friday I told my boss I was going to leave the company. Explained that I wasn’t happy with the company, the lack of pay for effort, no bonus structure, no employee growth/development plans, etc etc etc. She asked what it would take to make me stay- I told her an hourly wage that would bump up my rate by $4 an hour. Aaaaaaand she got it approved! She explained to upper management that it would cost more to replace me because of my productivity rather than just pay me a decent rate. Sooooo. Feeling pretty happy about that! I did tell her that if the place I interviewed at called back I am still leaving though hahaha