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AXE Thinks Hot Women Are Causing Global Crisis (GOOD JOB LADIES...)

According to AXE, the world is "facing one of the biggest crises in the history of history." Hot women.

I know AXE is known for it’s shitty portrayal of women. There is just something about this latest commercial I especially cannot stand. I need to rage about it for a second.


It’s just one big ol’ ball of rape culture, objectification and victim blaming in a nauseating 30-second clip.

The commercial’s main message: Men are having a harder and harder time controlling their shit when it comes to women who look or dress a certain way, and the only way to keep your cool is to use AXE (self control won’t work fellas!).


Notice in the first outdoor scene that there are several other attractive women in the picture. Who are the guys falling all over themselves for? The woman the commercial tries to make “seem” the most sexualized. The other women are completely ignored. It’s reinforcing the idea that if women dress a certain way or look a certain way in the wrong setting (ie. the woman in the lab scene… HOW DARE SHE?!), they are asking to be ogled.

What’s worse, this commercial (as all of AXE commercials) isn't even for men. The use of the word “girls” is a pretty clear indicator that their target audience is young.


According to the media literacy project:

“Although males of varying ages use Axe, Axe’s target audience, according to brand development director Mike Dwyer, is men ages 18-24.”


AXE obviously doesn’t see women as anything more than objects. On top of that, they are telling young men (who obviously aren’t REAL MEN, because they can’t keep their cool) their problems can be fixed with stereotypes and body spray.


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