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Welcome To The Bitchery

Azie Dungey, best known for creating her hit web series Ask a Slave, has written a wonderful opinion piece for the Huffington Post regarding the practice re-casting roles as different races, paying special attention to the recent choice to cast Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily in the new Peter Pan and Michael B. Jordan in Fantastic Four. Dungey comes from the unique perspective, since she is an actress who is of both Native and African American heritage. Here is an excerpt, but make sure to check out her full article.

No more caricatures. No more stereotypes. No more imperialist fantasies. Think outside the Land o' Lakes box.

Do we want our stories — whether old and reimagined, or new and contemporary — to continue to overlook the reality that our people are and have always been multi-cultural? Should all princesses be blonde and fair? Should all superheroes be white? Should we just white-wash parts and take out references to differing ethnicities when faced with the difficulty of representing them responsibly? If you ask me, the answer to all these questions is no.


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