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B. F. Skinner and Morons

So I posted a status on facebook: "Verbal behaviour. You suck. Not a huge fan of B.F. Skinner this evening. sigh."

I am taking a Verbal Behaviour course right now and it involves reading Skinner's Verbal Behavior, and it is beating up my brain. Skinner's writing style is so hard to process and comprehend. I posted the status because I was unabashedly looking for sympathy from other students in the class who are also struggling to wade there way through the material.


One of my husband's co-workers who loves arguing about everything, who always thinks his opinion is the best, and is the BIGGEST know it all that I have EVER met comments :B.F. Skinner: Oversimplifying the human psyche since 1948. Captain of the Harvard "Being Wrong" Society AND President the "Terrible Rhetoric" Aficionado Club for nearly 20 years. Godspeed, Ms. imaboogiemonster.

I am studying to be a behaviour analyst. B.F. Skinner's works are the foundation of my field.

I want to engage. But it is a bad idea and it will just suck me into an entire vortex of commenting on that post all evening. I have Verbal Behaviour homework to do. But DAMN, I don't want him to be sitting at home thinking I agree with him, or that he is right.



ETA: I sent my mr.boogiemonster a facebook message telling him what the coworker said (mrboogiemonster has been away for 4 weeks for work) and he sends me a message back saying "coworker is an idiot." I miss mr.boogiemonster.

ETA2: I posted this comment

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