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B vitamins

Hi Jezzies,

I am having the hardest getting over drinking this past weekend, but I took a b vitamin complex and I'm feeling better. I know that's traditionally a remedy, but usually I don't take them because they give me gnarly acid reflux. I'm thinking maybe I should start. I tried one (Superior Source) that is a dissolve under the tongue type, but it tasted horrible. It didn't give me heartburn though. I think I need something that's a pretty low dose - any suggestions. And also - should I take a b complex, or stick with b12? And does anyone know which b vitamin it is that usually is the heartburn culprit, so I can avoid it?

Also, do any of you Jezzies with wonky thyroids also have b vitamin deficiencies?


Apologies for the incoherence. Still have the brain fog.

On the plus side, I got my cable so now I can watch movies on my TV again! I've been without a DVD player (besides my computer) and cable TV since 2008. I haven't watched a home movie on a screen bigger than 13 inches in years! I'm going to make some popcorn and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've never seen it!


This gif has nothing to do with my post - I just think it's awesome.


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