My favorite girl Sugar had a little girl! In the last three weeks I've had 4 boys in a row, so this is very exciting! (The boys get sold to the neighbor right away, so I don't get to keep them at all, but I do get a nice check)

My 11-year-old neighbor had taken quite a liking to Sugar, so she decided this baby will be hers. She has named her "Brown Sugar". The farmer often sends me pics as soon as he finds the baby, which is awesome.

Seraph had a boy:

And Fawn had a boy:

But then Sugar had a girl!


We went over to visit within a few hours of her birth, but it was really dark and foggy so the pics aren't the best.


So we visited again a few weeks later to try to get some better pictures. I wish the stupid fence wasn't always in the way. Brown Sugar is definitely smaller than average, weighing on 45 pounds or so. She seems healthy and happy though!


We also said hello to my very best cow, Grace, who is now four days over due. I have my fingers crossed for a girl!


On a more sad note, here's an old picture of Sugar's big sister, Mocha. She was unable to getpregnant after over a year of trying, including both natural and artificial means, so she got her "demotion". She had never been a very good milk producer, anyway. She was almost 5 years old.

Beef prices are good right now, so I got $1.02 a pound, and she was a really, really big girl. Possibly the biggest cow I've ever had. She weighed 1,760 pounds! It's a good thing cows are (usually) gentle giants.