I'm not looking for llamas but a reasonable response from reasonable parents.

What are your rules for when if you bring your offspring along?

Is it about age, time, location, price of the restaurant, type of food at restaurant?

This is all launched by my dining experience last night. I need to be reminded that our/my generation is not completely self-centered when it comes to their kids. I was formerly a person that was like "Hey bring your baby! As long as I can't hear/notice them it is cool." but last night broke me of that.

Last night we went out for our anniversary. Since Mr. is a cop we rarely see each other and I could not even tell you the last time we got dressed up for a nice meal, just the two of us. We went to a very small local restaurant that does reasonably priced 5 course meals on Wednesdays. Our reservation was 7. As I said the restaurant is small and intimate and there is maybe a foot space between tables and a narrow clear aisle for the servers to navigate.


It wasn't until the first course, tortilla soup, that I noticed the table next to us had a baby. From there on out baby was constantly being passed around between mom and dad. Dad even walked with the baby and was in the way of the two servers working the room. Dad had the baby playing with the thermostat which baby of course knocked the cover off. Mom had baby toddling around with mom holding baby's hands. Since mom was only a foot from me baby kept touching me and my chair. The mom said nothing to me about it and continued to let baby toddle around.

They must have arrived shortly before us because they went course for course with us and even ordered an additional dessert as baby continued to fuss. It was 9:40 when they left.


They didn't ruin my dinner but they sure as hell made it less enjoyable when I could have stayed home, ordered pizza, and saved a lot of money from experiencing a fussy baby for around 2 and a half hours.

ETA: and as we were leaving at 9:50 I noticed a table with a 5-7 year old and a baby that was just on their entree.


Please just verify this is weird and not the norm for our/my generation.