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Hiya hivemind!!! Do you know what people love? Babies. And pictures of babies. Everyone loves a good baby picture, AND I WANT TO SEE YOURS. So share them in the comments and I'll tell you how cute you were (even if you weren't that cute. I feel ok about lying).

Here's baby me working on my green thumb. (Note: I do not have a green thumb. I have the opposite of a green thumb. All plants that are in close proximity to me die. Never ever trust me with your plants)


And this is me on the phone, probably talking to some of my baby friends. 'HAAAAYYYYYYY BABY GURL, HOW'S YOUR DAY GOING?"

Now you! Go!

ETA: Per Iron Mam's request, posting baby photos of the babies that YOU'VE produced is also a-ok. ALL THE BABIES ARE OK.


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