First there was Lucy Emmerson's piece about not forcing children to kiss adults then Mayim Bialik wrote about her children's body autonomy and why she does not force her children to kiss adults.

Not a parent here but this piece has really stuck with me as having had children forced to hug/kiss me. Since reading this I find myself saying "It's okay. You doesn't have to if you don't want to." to kids when they do the rounds of goodbyes at family parties. I often get glares from parents who are, understandably, focused on good manners and embarrassed if their child's refusal to kiss/hug an adult be perceived as an insult.

It also makes me think of how often babies are touched by strangers. Think of how often a complete stranger feels comfortable touching a baby. Not that a baby can give consent but shouldn't it be less acceptable?

Again not a parent so I really can't speak about parenting or Mayim Bialik's attachment parenting BUT at what point we should be focusing on modeling body autonomy by teaching kids they can say no and that even an adult should ask permission to regarding access to their body OR is this an issue where the result will be more special snowflakes who will lack basic manners such as saying hello and goodbye to loved ones?