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Baby bird help! ETA: He's now another yard's problem


adorable, hideous little creature is a baby cardinal that us currently stranded in the tall grass in my yard. The father is worrying around him, but in typical male fashion, is not being at all helpful. (#notallbirdmen) The wee one can hop and take small flutters, but seems to be pretty grounded. We have searched all the nearby trees, but cannot find the nest.


Any suggestions?

ETA: I already 100% know the answer to this quandy is “nothing, stupid bitchpudding...the parents will still take care of him in the ground.” My son us hot to trot to start chewing up worms and building a nest, but I’m trying to convince him we should just keep looking for the nest.

ETA2: The little asshole hopped all the way into the neighbor’s yard. No longer my problem! (My son however is still sitting on the deck watching for the hawk.)

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