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Welcome To The Bitchery

Baby Blue's mystery hives have disappeared

Ugh, I hate my doctor. She told me last week that the mysterious hives that appeared all over my month old baby were the result of an allergy to my breast milk. I've had a total of two break down crying moments since bringing him home, one of them being in her office thinking that his itchy misery was my fault (the other was when he screamed bloody murder during his first bath).

But the hives are gone now. I'm pretty sure it was my lotion that was the culprit, though there is a small chance it could have been my detergent. I stopped using his (hypoallergenic) soap, and switched to baking soda, but I am going to reintroduce the soap tonight, and I've switched detergents and lotions.


I'm glad I didn't listen to my stupid doctor and put him on formula that day.

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