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Baby gamer advice

Hello friends! I have a question for those of you who consider yourselves gamers of any stripe (casual, fanatical, whatever). So, DudeJeans and I have had a Wii for a while and I've always enjoyed playing the Zelda and Mario games. As I'm a huge horror dork, I'd (obviously) heard of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series before, but never played. DudeJeans got the Silent Hill game for the Wii, and I LOVED it, so I'd like to get a little more into horror games. (I've also played Borderlands a bit, though that's not really relevant at this moment.) Obviously the options with the Wii are limited, so we're looking at a new system (in advance of Evil Within, which looks GREAT!). I am aware that Xbox vs. PS is like, the great war of our gaming time, but what are you folks' thoughts? I'm more familiar with Xbox because it's the system my little brother uses and I used to play Halo and Call of Duty with him, but I'm leaning more toward a PS3 (I figure the arrival of PS4 might make it easier to find a decent, used PS3?).

Another option: I have a 6 month old Mac with an embarrassing amount of processing power, and I need to buy Parallels to run Windows anyway, for the purposes of GIS and some other stuff (stats package related). So I could get PC copies of games. But I kind of think the experience of console gaming is better.


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