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Baby Haa has arrived!

You guise I had my baby on Sunday. It was totally unexpected and she came a week early. I was in labor for around 16 hours and delivered her vaginally (with the help of some narcotics, a spinal and an episiotomy) at 6:49pm. They threw her up on my chest and the first thing she did was grab my finger really tightly and I melted. She was 6lbs 2.6oz and 18.75" long with a head full of dark hair. I couldn't believe how little she was! Especially since I was almost 9lbs. But she's doing great, only 4oz from her birth weight and mama is doing pretty good too. My milk came in last night and breastfeeding has been going really good. I'm still in awe that I was able to get thru everything and deliver her. It was so empowering and now I have this precious little girl that I love in way I never imagined possible (not to get too mushy on everyone). And of course I have to share a pic of how beautiful my peanut is. I'm one proud mama!


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