Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well I'm back at home on "bed rest" for the next few days until Monday when my OB wants to see me again. If you missed it, I spent about 5 hours in triage at the maternity ward yesterday.


Well as soon as they started monitoring me my bp went down to acceptable levels and the last reading they took was 124/74. My labs all came back normal so they don't think I'm in the pre-eclympsia territory. We would have been discharged after 2 and a half hours but my little girl apparently is stubborn. The nurse wasn't seeing accelerations in her heartrate like they would expect. Instead her heart rate would decelerate slightly and then go back up to the base line. I was pretty worried something was wrong with her and freaking out that I would actually deliver this baby that night. I suddenly felt very unprepared. Plus I haven't begun dilating yet so all I could think was "C-section". Baby Haa was being a gymnast in my uterus though because the nurse was in my room every 5 minutes readjusting the monitor because she kept moving away from it. I could hear her kicking the monitor which made me feel a lot better. A baby that active has to be a good sign. After another 2 and half hours the nurse tells me they got what they wanted and were probably being overly cautious. Since she was moving so much she was probably just pinching her cord making the drops in the heartrate. They were just playing it safe.

They sent me home with instructions to take it easy this weekend and make an appointment for Monday to see my OB. You guise I think Baby Haa could be here within the week and I'm freaking out! (in a good way)

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