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Welcome To The Bitchery

Baby names. Dude, I have NO IDEA what I am naming this kid! It's a boy and for some reason I have a lot harder of a time coming up with boy names. Before we knew the sex I had a name all picked out for a girl but as the months have rolled by I am still coming up short for a boy name. I have a short list. I'd like to hear thoughts, good or bad, on this very short list.

Longest running name that has been on the list is Bernard. This is a name that my husband came up with early on and it has kind of stuck in that we even sometimes refer to baby as "Bernie". I find it kind of endearing and cute but Bernard kind of seems like a lot. None of my friends care for it (not a big deal really). I'm not in love with it so much as I am used to it at this point. Despite us referring to baby this way there is a mutual understanding that this isn't "the name" with any certainty. I just worry that we won't have anything else we can agree on and we'll settle for this name.


Other than Bernard... there really isn't much else that has been on the list for any period of time. Tonight I was looking at names and came across Milo (pronounced like My low). I really have been liking it for the last 45 minutes. I think is adorable but is it too cutesy? Will a boy come to resent such a name? The husband hasn't had a chance to weigh in on it as he is sleeping right now but I'm kind of excited about it.

Other names that have floated around are Michael, Alec, James, and Arlo.

What should I name my kid GT?

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