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Baby Registry Suggestions?

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I googled “babies looking confused” and was not disappointed.

I would love some help putting together a baby registry. It is proving really difficult for me for the following reasons:

1) My grandmother and her mothers before her are apparently embedded deep in my soul - there is more than a touch of Jew anxiety in picking out stuff for a baby who isn’t here yet, a kein ayin hara mentality (for those of you Yiddish speakers) of putting the cart before the horse and inviting the evil eye. But this is unavoidable I suppose.


2) I hate asking for stuff from people. I got yelled at for my wedding registry because there wasn’t enough on it (and not enough expensive stuff)! I might not do a shower at all, but I have a very pushy domineering sister who wants to throw me one, and it’s best to pick one’s battles when it comes to her (I already know I’m going to be drawing alllll sorts of hard boundaries when baby is actually here, so I’m letting her have this)

3) I lean towards a minimalist mentality, but more importantly, we live in NYC, where nobody has space for anything! We do have a 2 bedroom, but baby isn’t even getting the entire second bedroom because there’s other stuff in there that genuinely has nowhere else to go. But babies need STUFF! I am overwhelmed by trying to distinguish between what is an actual baby essential and what is an optional nice-to-have (particularly when it comes to the stuff that takes up more space).  I did learn the existence of mini cribs which really delights me.  


4) I don’t have much experience with babies, how is babby taken care of?? I know the very basic of basics (diapers, wipes, crib, onesies) - what is the stuff I am not thinking of? Still keeping in mind the #3 note of space?

5) In googling, all the parent sites seem to agree on one thing — babies will randomly have preferences for certain items, brands, etc., and reject others. THe same message board will have comments of, “My baby couldn’t function without her rock n’play!” and “My child hated the rock n’play, we used it once.” Why should I go all in on an item or a bottle/nipple brand or whatever if my kid might just nope the fuck out of it? I guess it’s all trial and error?


Thanks in advance for your help...baby is kicking me literally as I type this, probably out of concern that I have no idea wtf I’m doing.

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