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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Baby Thoughts...

When you see a newborn baby, either in person or photos, do you ever think it looks like the kid is horrified? Like baby is just like “what the hell? No. Put me back please.” Just looking around all disgusted wondering why everyone is touching them and staring at them. Just me? Ok.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant but it feels like it’s been forever, seriously. Still haven’t had an Italian sub. How am I not due til December? I already look very pregnant. I guess I’ve only gained 15 pounds but ahhhh. I’m all belly, as they would say. And mad ppl keep looking shocked with I say I’m not due til December... they think I’m due much sooner! I feel kind of self conscious about my body... like I’m pregnant, and it’s sooooo obvious and I dunno. I feel weird in public.


She’s moving around SO MUCH. Like. Girl. What are you doing in there? Tonight Mr. Carbs is kind of tipsy and was telling me how maybe he doesn’t say it enough (he doesn’t) but he’s really thankful and knows I’m doing all the work carrying the baby and whatnot AND HESAID HE WOULD DO ALL THE DIAPERS FOR THE FIRST MONTH. so. If he thinks I’m gonna forget that he’s wrong.

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