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Bachelorette Party Anxiety

So my best friend is getting married over the summer. She has bridesmaids from both ends of the state and last we spoke, she was going to have her bachelorette party weekend somewhere in the middle, i.e., within distance of a doable drive.

Get the email from her sister/MOH, and now it’s on the other end of the state, double the distance, convenient to her MOH, but now a plane-ride’s distance away for me.

(That) + (hotel) + (I’m sure expensive activities because bride-to-be has expensive tastes and the income to support it) - (one former-friend/bridesmaid I can no longer share a room and thus expenses with) = unexpected money anxieties surrounding what should be a fun time with a lifelong friend.


I have a few months to budget, but that definitely eats into other items I had earmarked that money for. I have already email MOH with my concerns and suggested Air B&B for maybe a shared house with room for all of us (and the two of us who need some distance), but uggghhhhhhhhhhh. This just seems excessive...

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