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Bachelorette party nervousness.

Ok, so I love all of you. I've discovered so much about being a woman and a feminist and an all around good human being through reading and posting on this site. (I hope)

But here's the thing: I've spent the last year of my life basically confined to my apartment with my husband, or at work, buried at my computer because I got mono. Bad mono. FOR A YEAR. I'm finally coming out of it (God it ruined my life) and I haven't socialized in a long time. Especially not with new people. Especially not with new women.


I've been living in my happy feminist bubble with my husband where we believe the same things and agree on almost everything. I've also been on here where I get mostly the same. It feels great. But since I've moved back home (from Vancouver to Los Angeles) and been around old family and friends again for the first time in a year or so, I've noticed that I'm a bit... edgy?

I'm angry at the world. I'm angry how people treat each other. I'm angry how women are treated. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not always a rage monster, but how can anyone not be angry at everything that is going on?) I know... I must channel this into something more positive.

Anyhoo, I am heading to a bachelorette party tonight in Vegas. It's my husbands sister. It's all of her friends, plus his other sister who I am meeting for the first time (long story). I basically don't know any of them.

I am nervous. I can get aggressive sometimes when it comes to feminism. And not even on purpose. I don't want to be Debbie Downer. I don't want to bring up Trayvon Martin. I don't want to bring up sexual harassment (Unless something happens while we are out, and then IT'S FUCKING ON). I don't want to bring up gender roles. I basically don't want to ruin this weekend with my thoughts on everything. It's her weekend and it should be fun. And it will be fun. I'm just nervous about being judgmental at these women for not caring enough about the things I care about. I'm worried they will be conservative nut jobs or something. (I have some evidence that this may be true of some of them.)


So any advice? I'm sure it will be fine. But it's hitting me as I get closer to heading out, that I am kinda nervous about being immersed in intense social activity with a bunch of ladies I don't know for the next 3 days. Help?

Does this make sense? Am I terrible for thinking this?

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