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bachelorette party planning

So, I am planning a bachelorette party, as I had discussed in a previous post. It's going to be in July. The bride is really into it and has basically given me all her date/time/location/activity requests so I can make it happen. However, nobody else in the bridal party responds to my emails. I only discovered they are available and down to go because the bride asked them herself. I'm not offended, I just want to get things accomplished...or is it too early to get lodging and stuff settled for July? Am I being overly bossy? Should I just chill on the planning (I'm a planner, can't help it)?


Also, someone told me as a bridesmaid she spends on average $800 per wedding she is in. That seems insane. I was thinking like $200 for the flight and $150 for lodging for the party was a big ask. Curious to other's experiences! Gimme your tales!

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