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Back, Feeling Blue

I used to post a lot here, even sharing selfies. Then life got in the way and now my own self is in the way.I have done some interesting things that might take some time to process, but I felt I would post something to motivate myself!

Dakar is a nice place full of great people, but there really isn't a culture of amusement here. Even music concerts I have attended have been relatively small and sober compared to my experiences elsewhere. I feel this is based on the highly Muslim population, but I'm not going to be certain on this assumption until I learn more about what I'm talking about. The lack of really solid amusements is hard for my usually overstimulated self to get used to. I've been feeling fairly homesick lately.

Along with homesickness, I face some big changes in the USA. I am in a position where I have to find work immediately once I am settled back home. I have a few plans for this, but none are certain.


I have been retreating onto the Internet more and more, and I have even explored the seedy world of online chatting.Let me tell you, I have seen more unsolicited penises online than I could ever see in real life.I have also excavated the bowels of online discourse that is anonymous communication. This is all for another time. Let me just say that I am relieved that I have not been asked for nude pictures in groupthink (yet).

One thing that I think I will always be grateful for is Dialectical Behavior Training(DBT) skills. Years earlier, I would have felt desperate and lost in the situation I am in now. With DBT skills, I can confidently say that I am feeling bad now, but I will get better.

It's good to be back! I look forward to catching up.

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