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Back from Bacheloretteing a listicle

Holy crap it's exhausting maintaining the perfect balance of drunk for 3 days (buzzed but no hangover FYI). Me and 3 girls in one tiny room from Friday-to this morning.

-a studio and a one bedroom are two very different things property management people. Holy crap 4 women with way too much stuff jammed in what was basically my dorm for two people

-Jungle juice, no water and lying by the pool in the hot sun for six hours is a bad idea.


-The bride made me cupcakes for my birthday.

-If you are in a bachelorette party and the bride is wearing a shirt that says give the bride advice drunk people will line up to sign it. My advice was "Remember he's head of the household. Jesus said so. " Feeling Duggarish.

-Went to a place that had bad craft beer. That was disappointing but 5th stop on our bar crawl so it was okay.

-Caught up on the MP yay to the Jez authors. Catching up on GT now. Anything major happen? Did Cat vs. Dog or Cake vs. Pie escalate?

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