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Back from my roadtrip

I survived without intentionally flipping the car over, thus killing my mom and myself, so that's a plus.

Upside: I got to see some relatives I had not seen in a long time.

Downside: my relatives are giant bigots. And there is also that one who I think is maybe attracted to me? I am basing this on physical contact that veered right into "creepy as fuck" territory, including but not limited to: the guy trying to wrap his arms around my waist like a boyfriend would, and kissing my on my neck. Twice.


*insert blinking .gif here*

Upside: I am home, and that dude is on the other side of the country now. Praise be.

Best parts of the trip included going to Dillard's, where I was able to find cheap G/H-cup bras, and experiencing the kitschiness that is Cracker Barrel.

Oh Groupthink, how I did miss you, and your gifs.

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