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I was really lucky to get to spend five days in Shanghai, including New Years Eve. It was really amazing. The city is so beautiful and alive. I would go back in a heartbeat. December has been a rough month at our school, but this trip really reminded me how glad I am that I came to China and how lucky I have been.

My boyfriend and I got back to our town in Shandong province late last night and I am wiped. However, I did want to say that I've been missing you all. Here are some of my favourite pics from the trip, for your viewing pleasure:


The Bund at night

If you're ever in Shanghai, go to the Yuyuan Garden. It is so beautiful. Also, there's some great souvenir shopping right next to it in the Yuyuan Bazaar.


Those are crocodile legs at the very fancy City'Super grocery store in downtown Shanghai. We spent way too much money on some much missed western goods there. Those babies are 46 RMB per 100 g, in case you were wondering.


Cherry coke and vanilla coke, also from City'Super.

I got some sweet shopping done, including a pair of banging PU leather jeans that I'm thinking of getting tailored, because they are just so worth it. Now it's back to the countdown until I can leave our shitty school and head back home.

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