If I may be totally pretentious and privileged for a moment โ€” I kind of love finally getting back from vacation. My own bed! All my toiletries! A full wardrobe from which to choose! No more pressure to make the most of each and every single day (I don't have the energy for a life of carpe diem)!

It was nice. Beach, pool, in-laws spending time with BabyNom โ€” it was a good time. We saw dolphins and part of an alligator's head! We got a couple's massage!

Our exposure to Fox News was less than previous visits โ€” even if all the TVs and SiriusXM are programmed to turn on to those channels. And although the car we were given to use had a "Nobama" sticker on it (oh, yeah, they absofuckinglutely did that to us on purpose), I think we only got into one political debate the whole time and it was (largely) civil! Oh, and our atheism only got thrown in our face once! Progress!

My in-laws are still uncomfortably argumentative with one another, though. Awkward does not begin to describe it. My new coping strategy is engaging Mr. Nom in a separate conversation, leaving the room or suddenly being really interested in whatever BabyNom is doing and relocating both of us ("Honey, let's go play blocks in your room!").

I have to say, I consider my biggest success of the week to be when I moved a dresser to the other side of the guest room. This makes more sense if you know me and how big of an organizing dork I am. So much furniture clutter! You have NO idea. It was driving me nuts and we were both tired of banging our knees on the bed frame. You know who really owes me a thank you for that one? My BIL, who will most benefit from it on future visits.


All that to say, it's good to be back.