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We were out of state for the week. That’s why I was barely here and busy.

I thought we were leaving this coming Monday and found it odd last Sunday my mother packing clothes and foods. She suddenly said “here are bags (the bags that zipper) for underwear and a suitcase”. I did my normal 10 underwear shorts, 10 socks, 5 tshirts. Yeah way to much for five nights. . I realized I was a week off. We then did my clothes. Way too much.


So our motel was nice with free breakfast consisting of hardboiled eggs, muffins, bagel, english muffin and juice coffee. They served it buffet style.

I had a bagel with cream cheese most mornings and a muffIn. The blueberry muffins were good but badly baked. A muffin should have a top that’s peaked.

Instead the muffins were flattish.


The peaked muffin has more air in them and fluffier.

We walked and had good food at restaurants. We picked up BF and GF from the vets each day. Except Friday we went to a hotel that let’s dogs stay. I strongly dislike the hotel.


Locally for 50 dollars a ticket (more for in front) was a musical Seven Brides For Seven Brothers I never saw the movie. I read on wiki it was a movie first then a stage play, kinda shocked me. I do recall no one here listing it as one of their favorite musicals in all the musical threads we had. We just could not take a chance for that much.

Is it good on stage?

I bought nothing, nada except meals. I did have a delicious dinner at a diner of two eggs (poached I meant to say overeasy but goofed), two sausages, two bacon, two toasts (the waitress could have said raisin toast was fifty cents more but it was delish) and two big blueberry pancakes.


I.missed you guise also.

Guess how much clothes we actually wore? Less then half. My mother put a thin metal chain to hang clothes and coats in the back seat. Clothes were tightly packed.  BF and GF knocked the chain on the way out of state and layed in the clothes. We wore less then half. Anyone over pack? She packed food for us to eat mostly snacks. I opened a bag of Doritoes. That’s it. So much unpacking to do.

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