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Back in Action + a Pseudo-Confession

Hey everybody! Long time no see.

I kinda fell off the face of the earth (in terms of posting/reading) a couple months ago because of work and school. I was still actively reading the posts and liking with all the enthusiasm of the Cookie Monster in a Mrs. Fields factory, but I felt I didn't have much to say.


Then one day, I was walking in one of the libraries on my university campus and I saw a girl scrolling through Groupthink. I don't know why it triggered such a reaction in me. No offense, but I guess I thought of GTers as nameless, faceless entities that existed somewhere outside my reality. Anonymity (or as much as one can find in the Kinjaverse) was one of the great appeals of the site (along with you loveable nameless-faceless-entities! ;p), and I was paranoid.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share, and also let everybody know I decided to get over it. You're stuck with me now.

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