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Sad I missed the Heavenly Fur Face Friday...SORCIA! My Shorty was a an amazing dog~person, so I'm going to send him your way next Friday~

I'm Eastering in Massachussetts with a dear, long time friend & teen~age girls...Yay, me! We rented an old, restored 19th century school house which was shockingly affordable. WTF type affordable.

Spotty wifi, but so what and I'm kinda glad about that. It's been so nice to be back here in the Land of Sturdy People, direct & friendly always. You can hike a trail with your unleashed dog and NOBODY throws a shit~fit. They'll offer to lend you their shoe crampons/snowshoes instead. And you get the benefit of everyone else's unleashed dog, too. 'tis a beautiful thing. Hiking with DOGS!!!


I lived in Boston for 8 years in the 90's. Good days & times. I'm in Stockbridge, MA with a mountain, dear friend, teenagers, dogs & a full moon. WHOOP!!!

(Plus mud. Lots of mud. Must wipe dog paws before re-entering the rental house. This is not a relaxing endeavor. The giant fireplace makes up for it.)


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