Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Last week I did something to my back. And it still fucking hurts. Actually it is worse. Now not only does it hurt laying down, it hurts standing and sitting. I don't know what I did to injure it. I did get a massage, but it wasn't deep or painful at the time. I haven't had back pain for a few years and never spasms like what is happening before.

The doctor gave me some painkillers/muscle relaxers, but the uncontrollable exhaustion that comes with them hasn't been worth it to me and after 14 hours of day sleeping (which came after the normal 8 hours) with the first pill I haven't tried again.


I thought maybe our bed was causing/not helping it, but I have slept on 2 other beds since then trying to see if that helps and it doesn't. I have scheduled another massage tomorrow to see if that helps (doctor said it was okay to try).

Do I need to suck it up and take the muscle relaxers and just nap for days? Any other tips/advice? Do they do anything for back pain other than meds & pt? Kitten gifs?

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