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Back problems

On my way to the chiropractor for the umpteenth time for my current back issues. I'm trying to crowdsource some advice here: stay with the chiropractor or choose something else.

Because these issues have been bothering me a while I've decided to draw him a chart on my way there.


The blue color refers to a problem spot that I've had for about 5 years now. Moving my shoulder back (I hunch naturally) always reveals a sharpish pain.

the white arrow covers vertibrae that crack often when I draw a deep breath (I don't remember if I had this before I started seeing a chiropractor but I think so).

The yellow area's are places that currently burns, a little or a lot, depending if ive been sitting uncomfortably or walking with a bag.

The black refer to sharp pains, the top of my neck on the right side has been giving me a sharp pain and immobility since I woke up with crooked shoulders some weeks ago. Ive seen him several times for that. And my lower back when I bend over sometimes to pick something up but often feels uncomfortable due to uncomfortable chairs.


Oh yeah and my shoulders are uneven. Since this year.

I've been trying to go to the gym to strengthen my back but so far I've managed to pull my shoulder and neck crooked and give myself a bunch of extra issues. I just want a happy back :( Have I mentioned I'm 28 years old? My back is basically falling apart and I'm afraid if the chiropractor visits are hurting more (in the long run) than helping.


Does anyone have any advice on chiropractors or back/neck issues?

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