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Back Stateside and Back to Work

I know that vacation wouldn’t feel like vacation if there wasn’t work in between, but I think I’d like to try perpetual vacation for awhile, just to test the theory. For science’s sake, you know.

Madrid is a great city, lively and fun, and cheap! I was shocked at how little things cost - the food, drinks, clothing, shoes, quality jewelry, metro tickets, all if it. And the tapas... every place in the world should be required to serve delicious (free) food with your drink order.


Loved the botanical gardens, one of the few green spaces in the city. (Only “negative” of the review.)

Toledo was beautiful, as were Ávila and Segovia. The weather was perfect - sunny and 70s - the whole trip.


It was awesome to shut off all the news and social media, to disconnect, and just enjoy being in the moment in a new place.


Tomorrow it is back to work. As many people will be starting their holiday early, maybe I’ll plan my next trip....

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