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The story on the main page of the cop using vehicle stops as Tinder reminded me of a story from my grandmother:

When she was young, my grandfather was in the war and she had her young son on her own for nearly two years. She was a young mother and was probably no more than 19 at the time, driving home at night by herself with the baby sleeping in the back seat. A police officer pulled her over and chatted her up until he noticed the sleeping baby. She said then his demeanor changed and he stopped flirting and sent her on his way. She finds this story funny and flattering while I find it disturbing and an abuse of power.

She also tells me of a story of a man who was in his late twenties who used to tell her she was very beautiful and that he would like to date her... when she was eleven. I exclaimed how incredibly creepy that is, even by 1940's standards, and she just laughs and comes to his defense that “she looked very old” because she was tall. Grandma, no one looks that old when they’re eleven. She conceded only a little bit when I made the comparison that it would be like my younger brother-in-law hitting on my middle school niece. But only a little.


“Things were different then,” she says. And I guess I believe her, although I still think even in 1940 a grown man soliciting a child is unacceptable, but god damn if it’s not creepy anyway.

Any stories of back in the day from your families?

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