Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm flipping out a little this week and need to vent. I graduated from college years ago, and now I'm going back to school part-time for a masters while working full-time. I'm starting with just one class, but I've also got several projects going on at work, plus I'm responsible for training a new employee. I'm already overwhelmed and wondering why I thought this was a good idea...

My teacher assigned a crazy amount of work this first week, because she claims it's all review. But review when I'm several years out of school doesn't just mean a quick skim. Has anyone else done this? Will it get easier once I get back into the swing of things?


And as an additional note, does anyone have any words of wisdom when it comes to training someone at work? All the stuff I'm working on at the moment is documentation type stuff that I can't really ask for her help on, and I feel bad telling her I don't have any work for her. So far, I've mainly been telling her to ask around and see if other people in our group can use some help, or can have her observe what they're doing. Meanwhile, my boss expects me to be teaching her the ins and outs of our product, but I feel like I don't have time. And even if I did have time, I don't know how well I can do it.

Panicking. Ugh.

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