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Back-to-School Fashion

Or: Your Downward Spiral into Internet Shopping*

On the one hand, all these commercials telling kids "the first day back to school is the most important day of your life" and "you have to look your best" and "consumerism" are both ridiculous and annoying. On the other hand, hooray back-to-school season! Also, hooray spending money you don't have on pretty things on the internet!

Today you've been pondering your various back-to-school personae. As a grad student in the heady throes of beginning your dissertation, you're focused on teaching and research.


Look #1: TAing

The professor you're TAing for this semester is super stylish. For class days, you'll select vintage-inspired, super girly looks. Some crafty consignment store shopping landed you this ensemble. The structured jacket/flouncy skirt combo lends feminine whimsy to a more traditional suit option. Siren red lip color gives you authority when you purse your lips thoughtfully during lecture.

Look #2: Leading Discussion Section

For days when you're in charge, you pair the raw authority of motorcycle boots with the ease and comfort of super stretchy skinny jeans and flowy chiffon tops.


Look #3: Research in the Library

Comfort is key here, so you'll choose a flouncy maxi skirt (with wide, stretchy waistband), basic T-shirt, and sandals. (Back-up socks not pictured. The library is always super drafty.) Add a colorful leather tote because everyone in the department has beautiful leather totes, and you have to stay on top of the trends.


What other ensembles will you be rocking as school starts back?

*Any resemblance to persons real, imaginary, and in particular katedaysaweek is entirely coincidental, and this post is in no way autobiographical whatsoever.

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