I survived my first day back in the office. I got up early to schlep my computer, monitors, phone, and other shit, and holy shit do I hate the office. There are people at the office I like. There are people at the office I'm friends with. Very few of those people were there today. Further, current office culture discourages interaction (by threatening disciplinary action).

My immediate co-workers were mad nobody told them I was coming back today. I'm not sure what they planned to do differently if they'd known? The people in question don't like me. They're assholes. Assholes who got in trouble bitching when I was allowed to work from home. It escalated pretty high, from what I understand. We don't interact. ZERO interaction, so I don't know why this was an issue.

My supervisor bought lunch for those of us who were in the office today, which was super nice! (My asshole coworkers complained that they didn't like XYZ flavor/topped pizza. STFU.)

I got to stealthily talk to my friend the Unfriendly Canadian Girl. I literally refer to her as such in real life. She's very nice, but not very friendly, so people think she's a bitch. She doesn't even give a single fuck. (She's Team Cat, but I overlook that.)


I'm so tired, and I'm not even going to cook any more as our stove tried to kill roomie this morning by shooting sparks all over the place. Guess we're getting a new stove. I just had a nice mug of cocoa with some Baileys and a bunch of cheese curds. Roomie is at her parents' so I'm relaxing with PollyDog...I could go to bed, but I don't want to be up all night if I do! Though I'll be pissed if I can't fall asleep when I try. That happens when I'm exhausted sometimes.

I didn't shank anyone at work. That's a good thing, right?