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Backlash when reporting harassment in the workplace

This drama has been unfolding for a while and it's making me really proud of my boyfriend. (I tried to post about it last night but I fucked up.)

He is a supervisor and one of his people started acting sketchy in the past month or so. She finally confided in him that his manager had been sending her lewd text messages and she was having a hard time feeling comfortable or safe at work. He has been helping her through the reporting process and fighting against HR, who has been looking for any reason at all to fire the woman being harassed.

My BF's manager, predictably, has been a colossal dick through the whole ordeal and has done many things to try and discredit the woman he'd harassed. She's on drugs, she's impossible to work with, she's aggressive, etc. He's been with the company 10 years and everyone is on his side.


Except my boyfriend. (And me, but I don't count because I don't work there.)

Finally, today, she is filling out a harassment report and hopefully Manager McDouche will fall on his face as they boot his nasty ass off the property.

I love that my boyfriend has put so much energy into helping this person and that even when everyone else is against them, he didn't give up, and helped her not to, either. It made me so happy and I wanted to share with you all!

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