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So in the wee hours a day or so ago. Backpage stopped accepting Visa or MasterCard to post ads. This came as a move after Cook County Sheriff (ugh) Tom Dart took it upon himself to SAVE THE CHILDREN. Because where would we women be if it weren’t for middle class white guys going out on a limb to save the children and us from ourselves.

It’s exhausting to have women like seen in the picture below claiming to be for Women’s rights and equality but then dictating the ways women can showcase their feminism e.g. Stripper used in a derogatory fashion because that’s below the station of a respectable woman.

Had that debate when someone referred to their nails as stripper nails... as in it was a bad thing.

(I always thought Nomi Malone in Showgirls had great nails...just saying).

So now thousands of women are in the grey area and kind of screwed conducting CONSENSUAL BUSINESS because white guy is conflating sex trafficking with consensual sex work.. and pretending that making the bad thing go away will get rid of “the bad thing”.


This is terrible police work. Just because a trafficker can’t post a quick ad on backpage doesn’t mean he’s going to throw up his hands and go “Well what do I do with all these under-age girls?!” And just quit the business. That’s not how this works.

If you know any SWs advise against bitcoin, it’s unsafe, unstable, not real currency, and not anonymous. Bitcoin CAN be traced back to them.

Sidebar: It looks like Belle Knox quit porn (thank god...) after she decided to sign on to an MTV Documentary that looks like a teen friendly version of Hot Girls Wanted... which *sigh*. I knew this was coming. I knew it!


To get a better idea on how they screw with the numbers and image of sex trafficking read this: Casualties of War

Tits&Sass is written by and for sex workers, interesting reading and where I hang out (besides xojane) since I swore off the Jez mainpage.

You can find me on twitter at @MeliMachiavelli I’ll be tweeting about it off an on until something replaces BP or they get this sorted out.

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