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Backstrom anyone like it?

Did anyone watch Backstrom last night? Bah. So sick of lead charactters in crime shows with issues from Monk, Bones, lead mae detective on Law And Order Criminal Intent. Backstrom is the worst. Totally unlikable. Odd this is from the creator of Bones. Bones has a very good supporting characters. This show? Remember as a kid Electric Football where the board vibrated moving your players? This show was EF come to life except for the female character the other characters just roamed around spouting lines. Totally wasting the actor who played the President for seasons 1 and 2 maybe more on 24. I gave up after season two of 24. This show is listed as a comedy drama. I did not laugh. It should be called Annoying Drama. Backstrom is kinda like the male lead detective of Criminal Intent in which he gets into the head of criminals but does it by being annoying and a pain in the rear to everyone plus being offensive along the way.


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