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Backtalk Post of Posts: Delicious Food Edition

Ok, the quick and dirty version. We're backtalk. We are a general interest forum that likes to focus on specific features and themes. This week we will be writing about FOOD. Last Week, it was the West Coast! Come and stop by! Today we had point and counterpoint, the love and hate of vegetables. I talked about my favorite thing, weird mid-20th century foods, teapot wants to find out when you began to cook, Honeyheart shares about breakfast tacos and in the rain, shares her delicious birthday weekend. Also, we're sharing recipes and talking sandwiches.


For a brief sample of our regular features, please read Gerdie's Brain Teasers, Scavenger Daughter's Pop Quiz, theZhandi's Saturday Night Confessions and Backlook where we feature our favorite stories from other blogs.

And as an added bonus, one of my favorite things is that every night we have a roundup of all our previous day's activities, which makes it easy to peruse articles to see if there is anything that interests you. Take a gander!


So just remember, we're an open forum that always welcomes new readers and commenters to stop by and join us! See you guys soon!

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