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Quick and Smutty, just like you like it. So we're talking about SMUT this week and I thought you guys might enjoy a few posts. As always, we've been watching smutty midnight movies— I mean, SLIVER, GUYS. Sharon Stone's follow up to Basic Instinct. No more 90s than that. Btw, we also did a non-smutty interview with Jacob Clifton of the Morning After and the much missed, TWOP. In general, we're a fan of the erotic thriller.


A few other fun things include our smutty trivia roundup, some obscenity for you all, vintage pinups (vs the real thing), a whole bunch of swearing gifs, smutty arts and anal bleaching. And don't forget the aphrodisiacs. And sexiest animated characters. And well, cats are cockblockers.

We have a little counterprogramming. Teapot talks about lines out of context (we'll be talking a lot about language in a couple of weeks), I mention terrible superhero powers. And Borg is the image queen.


As always, check out our nightly roundups, now under new management for all your backtalk needs.



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