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Backtalk Semi- Regular Post of Posts

Hey guys, a couple times a week we provide you with a posts of posts at Backtalk! Each week, we choose a theme and we write all sorts of variations on the themes. Plus, we have regular features and of course, randomness. And Saturday Night Confessions. Don't ask. I staged a coup. This week we wrote lots of posts about childhood! Here's a picture of me and an apology to my mom.


We have lots more fun stuff! You can see everything on our nightly roundups found here.

But for a quick look at what we did this weekend? We talked about childhood pets, Cheerful posted about snacks that she is eating in Spain, right now and not sharing, there was this very thoughtful post about (unexpected) songs of Benediction (unexpected transcendence), soda of LaChategris's childhood, a little rocking out to Spoon, Owls, always owls, Grandad's epic victory over the forces of commenting, older kids books and well, flibbertibegibbet. And we played a little mental hopscotch.


So enjoy guys. And strap on your helmets and come by this week as our theme will be SPACE.

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